​Mission Creek Band of Mission indians

“There is no subject of information in which rumor and uncritical tradition hold fuller sway than in this field.”  A.L. Kroeber


 “The Mission Creek Band of the Mission Creek Reservation"

Constitution and By-Laws

  • Signed by the Constitutional Committee on December 13, 1959.
  • Recommended for approval  on January 4, 1960 by Glenn L. Emmons, Commissioner of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
  • Content approved; acknowledgment by Roger Ernst, Assistant Secretary of the Department of the Interior dated January 4, 1960. 
  • Amendment(s) approved and acknowledged on January 17, 1961 by Assistant Secretary of the Department of the Interior George W. Abbott. 

    Executive Order(s) dated December 27, 1875;  May 15, 1876, May 3, 1877, August 25, 1877,  September 29, 1877,  January 17, 1880, March 2, 1881, March 9, 1881,  June 27, 1882, July 24, 1882, February 5, 1883, and June 19, 1883 set aside the Mission Creek Reservation for the Mission Creek Band of Cahuilla Mission Indians.  Thereafter, Congress expressly recognized the bands of Mission Indians in Southern California by their enactment of the Mission Indian Relief Act, of January 21, 1891 and the Indian Appropriations Act of March 1, 1907. 

Tribal Administration: (760) 458-1281  P.O. Box 4424 ​ Palm Springs, CA 92263 Admin@missioncreektribe.net​


“Cahuilla,” is often written Coahuila, but it is always pronounced “Kawia” and never “Kwawila,” It is a name designation for one dialect groups of the Shoshonean tribe,  with  no connection to the Spanish term "agua," as in “water," but it is a place or village name of the Shoshonean Luiseno Indians. The meaning in not known, but the word is derived from the place-name proper, Awa, plus the Indian locative case ending -nga.  - Kroeber, California Place Names of Indian Origin (1916)