Tribal Council And Membership Meeting

April 13, 2019,, Meeting at the Native Sons Building, Council Meeting @ 1:00 PM, Membership Meeting at 6:00 PM. April 2nd at the DHS Town Hall meeting starts at 6:00 PM. Desert Hot Springs meeting will be held at Carl May Community Center / Council Chamber, 11711 West Dr, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240, USA. See you there 30 minutes prior


The Mission Creek Band, village of Indians,

Mission Creek RESERVATION & Subsidiaries 

P.O. BOX 580362 

nORTH pALM Springs, CA. 92258-0362

                                                          60550 Mission Creek Road, Desert Hot Springs Ca 92240

Congratulations to David Malgra, Has been appointed as President of Mission Creek Band of Mission Indians. He and his council of four will be responsible for this Subsidiary of MCBVIR.  

*Mission Creek Band of Mission Indians is a subsidiary of Mission Creek Band, Or Village of Indians, Mission Creek Reservation, 


    Our Constitution was completed on December 13, 1959.  On January 4, 1960 Assistant Secretary of the Department of the Interior Roger Ernst, based on the recommendation of Commissioner Glenn L. Emmons formally acknowledged our tribal government.  Amendment(s) were later approved and acknowledged on January 17, 1961 by Assistant Secretary of the Department of the Interior George W. Abbott. 

   The Mission Creek Indian Reservation was set aside for us by Executive Order(s) dated as follows:  December 27, 1875;  May 15, 1876, May 3, 1877, August 25, 1877,  September 29, 1877,  January 17, 1880, March 2, 1881, March 9, 1881,  June 27, 1882, July 24, 1882, February 5, 1883, and June 19, 1883. 
    Enactment of the Indian Appropriations Act of March 1, 1907 provides funding for the welfare of tribes. Mission Creek is named in more than 26 appropriation acts.