The Mission Creek Band, village of Indians,

Mission Creek RESERVATION & Subsidiaries 


P.O. BOX 580362 

nORTH pALM Springs, CA. 92258-0362

                                                          60550 Mission Creek Road, Desert Hot Springs Ca 92240

Cecilla Valdez Candidate

Has chosen to remove herself as a candidate for personal reasons 

Your information will be verified, You will also recieve an Email for verification. You will have 24 hours to respond. All information on this form is required or the page will not allow you to submit it. Be sure you locate your Membership Card your MEM number is required. Voting opens Sept 15, 2019 though October 15, 2019, Thank you for participating 

Sherry Livingston is a Candidate for Secretary and Treasure, Sherry, at the moment doesn't have any running against her.
Garry Devlin Candidate 

Honorable Chairman Tony Lopez
Mission Creek Band of Mission Indian, Mission Creek Reservation.
Letter of intent:
Honorable Chairman Lopez,
I seek the office of Chairman of Mission Creek Reservation to bring about unity in the family. MISSION CREEK FAMILY

• Being neutral in all family affairs, not being bias towards anyone.
• Having research early family history of the Mission Creek Reservation
• Being on the Tribal Board since 2005 in various positions.
• Remaining faithful to our goals and objectives.
It is vital to understand our history, when we were created, Who created, and Why were we created. And by whom did we receive our land grants from? How many of our forefathers resisted “The illegal sell of the reservation” Quote from New Paper. I understand the importance of gaining and working toward our Federal Recognition. Which is one of our objectives and our greatest goal at this time.Only though unity and becoming one as a family can we truly win this fight, we cannot win if we are divided, It takes all of our efforts, losing our selfishness and leaving it behind can we accomplish this enormous mountain that is before us.Our Great Grandfather and Grand Mother who were and are Native Americans would have each of you fight for your right to build a great Nation. To understand the future, you have to know our past. History is very importance to explained why we are fighting so hard for this recognition. I ask for your consideration to be Tribal Chairman for Mission Creek.
Thank you
Garry Devlin
Tribal Land management

​David Malgra Candidate

Miyaxwe emem umon
I am David A. Malgra Jr, and I am running for Tribal Chairman of Mission Creek Band or Village of Indian.
Since I have been a member of the tribe I have made a way to be as helpful as I can be to aid my family
in regaining the federal status that has been stripped away from us. Since I started working for the tribe
I have gone from member to president of MCBMI which is a subsidiary of the main tribe that our family
has. My tasks have been great but I believe I have over come those task that have helped me grow into
the person that I am now to help lead my family into the future as native Americans. While being
President of MCBMI we have been able to remove those that threaten our land with our knowledge and
quick actions. In recent years we have been able to spread the word about MCBMI to the public via taco
drives and private dinners. I believe that we will be once again reborn into our land to hold and protect
for our future generations to live and prosper and I aim to make sure they will have all the rights to do
so as natives of the cahuilla tribes. Please vote for me and help me set our future.